“What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate…”

Maybe it’s an after effect of tear gas, but I walked away from Monday night’s event feeling sparks of revolution in the air. Events of the last few nights have been anything but as radical liberals have displaced liberal radicals.

“Did you wear a black armband when they shot the man who said ‘peace could last forever’?”

I always interpreted the first line of this dissected quote as a failure of those who are listening, because that’s where the traditional communication connection begins. But modern communication doesn’t boil down to the quality of the message, but quantity.

“My hands are tied for all I’ve seen has changed my mind but still the wars go on as the years go by with no love of God or human rights. All these dreams are swept aside by bloody hands of those who carry the cross of homicide. History hides the lies of our civil wars.”

In the 60’s, they said “the medium is the message.” Now, the messenger is the message. If you think one side is fully communicating, change the channel.

“You can’t trust freedom when it’s not in your hands and everyone’s fighting for their promised land.”


Bonus internet points to those who know the source of the quote without Googling it! No spoilers please. First World Civil Wars